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October 23, 2010
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Tron Jacket 1 by EmeraldBeacon Tron Jacket 1 by EmeraldBeacon
Jacket/costume for upcoming Tron-related events. Top row is front and back of jacket without flash; bottom row is with flash. No electronics involved at all... it's all reflective tape! The data disc on the back is held on by magnets, and can be easily removed (perhaps a little TOO easily - I need to get some more magnets to secure it a bit better).

Still debating whether or not I can get away with wearing this to ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure...
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can ypou please tell me were you got this jacket i would love to use this to make on of my own
hey could i buy this from you!! i love it!! or pay you to make me one. (email:
Blvdnit3 Apr 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wowwww @_@ that is awesome. Nice work!
You sewed the entire jacket from scratch?

That's pretty damn impressive.

Also, since the tape is iron on, will it stay on if you wash the jacket?

Do you have any pictures of you wearing the jacket? I'd like to see how it fits and everything. It looks amazing.
The tape is designed for athletic usage, so it's pretty durable all in all. I screwed up on one of the arm pieces, so it's falling off - but that's what happens when you forget to remove the backing piece before ironing (oops).

As for pics of me wearing the jacket: [link]
Lol, after I posted it, I browsed your other galleries. Woops.

Looks pretty awesome. I like how you made it asymmetrical in the front. Also, how did you sew the magnets into the jacket? Did you sew them on the inside, so that way it's seamless when the disk isn't there? Or, how did you do it.

I'm very curious, cuz I really want a Tron jacket, without all the advertisements. I just need to find a nice jacket, that has a nice fit.
The jacket has a metal ring sewn to the outside of it; there are no actual magnets in the jacket itself. The ring might sound uncomfortable, but it's in a place you rarely feel it (and if so, it's a pretty uniform pressure - nothing all that distracting). I tried to have it sewn to the inside, but found the magnet strength through fabric wasn't enough to reliably keep the disc in place (as it is, any sudden jolts, like when I run or jump, is enough to knock the disc off - a problem I'm trying to fix).
Also, I was wondering about what kind of material would be easiest for the tape to adhere to. I'm thinking windbreaker? That's what your jacket looks like, anyway.
... That looks good, man!
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